Roger Brookfield (author) is a native of New Jersey, an Air Force veteran, and a graduate of the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Recent performances of his plays have been in New York at Gone in 60 and In a New York Minute, in St. Paul MN, San Diego (where Thank You received a Best Play of the Weekend award), Los Angeles, and in Cincinnati. 

Suzanne Ochs (director) has been involved with community theater in and around Westchester for 13 years, both on and off stage. Acting highlights include:  Mistletoe and Menorah (M&M),  You Were Awesome (WCT) & Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean (Brewster).  Suzanne’s previous time as director for was GCT’s Take Five.  To her cast – Jan & Tessa – THANK YOU for making this sweet story come alive.

Jan Dyckman (Rudy) has been acting, singing, and working backstage for quite a while. That is why his first question is always "Is there a part for an old guy?" Happily, this time there was, and he will be playing Rudy in Thank You.

Tessa (Wanda)